Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day Twenty Six - Happy New Year (again)

Well, glad that's all over with. Decorations down in the next few days and back to normal thank god. Despite everything though, we've had a nice Christmas and new year at the Wilkinson household. It was certainly a lot better than we expected back at the end of October when I was diagnosed. I really did have nightmares of not being able to eat much over the festive period, but as it happens, the treatment is going well, and I've been able to eat near normally. Nice.

So today, went for a little walk with Joh and the dogs, which was hard work. I mean, I'm easily capable of walking close to 6 miles without breaking a sweat, and struggled today to walk 2 at Joh's pace! :)
Still, my appetite is coming back, as I've eaten near normally today, although still off tea & coffee. I can highly recommend the mushroom soup from Polocini too, it was delicious. This evening we had a table full for dinner, Me, Joh, Paige, Isaac, Kate and Jamie, all eating a lovely meal prepared by Joh, delicious. Thanks darling xx

Feeling a lot better this evening, not taken any anti sickness tablets yet, so I'll put that off till I need to. Hopefully I'm over the worst of this batch of chemo already. Still got the horrible taste in my mouth though, like a constant oiliness, yuk!

Good Night xx

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