Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day Fifty Six - Lunch

A near normal day today. Up with the family for some breakfast, crunchy nut cornflakes and 2 slices of toast with Marmite. Watched the new series of 30 rock. Did a bit of surfing and email tidying up and sent yet another email off to Wiggle 'cause my speed/cadence sensor still hadn't turned up. Found an email off them saying to check with the local delivery office just in case they'd try to deliver but not left a note. Did that, they hadn't. Went and double checked the outside cupboard, and lo and behold, in the bottom cupboard, hiding amongst the rubbish, was the packet from Wiggle. No card left to say it had been put there, bloody postman!

Anyway, fitted the sensor to the ribble, and had a go on the rollers for 30 minutes again. Heart rate was a lot better this time over the session and I only peaked at 134 bpm. Average for the massive 3.2 miles was 124 bpm. That's better. A lower heart rate means I'm not straining as much as I was before, and my heart is not doing lots of work for no gain. I'm using it as an indication of how much my fitness is coming back after 56 days of chemotherapy.

Lunch was spent in Platform One, I had a gorgeous spicy chicken wrap with chips, and my good mate Dai had scampi and chips, both really nicely presented and served. Nice place to eat if you're in Romiley. (No, I'm not on commission!)

Then coffee at the always excellent Polocini, and a chat with Claire who has to do 50km this evening on her exercise bike to complete the 500km challenge during January. Good luck Claire.

Home for an hour, chilling as the walk around Romiley and back home wiped me out a little.

Dentist. Just checking up on a chipped crown, told to leave it for the time being. If it gets worse I'll go back.

Home again, chilling again. Paige in and walking the dogs. Burgers for tea, me with savoury rice, the kids had new potatoes and peas. Nearly burnt the burgers and house looked like it was on fire for a while, oops!

Isaac home with his mate Sam to do some editing after tea.

And breath. Crikey, I'll sleep well tonight. It's nice to have days like this, where I can feel nearly normal.

While I was in the dentist, I worked out I've only got 11 days of tablets to go, I'll be counting down from 10 days as the blog headings. Awesome.

Good night.

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