Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day Thirty Seven - Half a bowl of soup!

Usual start to the day, with the added benefit of Joh bringing me breakfast in bed. (a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes) Chemo drug poison, then doze. Woke up to the realisation that I wasn't going to get a better day than today to go for a ride, so I did.

And what a lovely ride it was too. Nice to say hello to my work buddy Dave. Nice cake mate :)
Stopped at Polocini on the way home for a bowl of soup and another slice of cake. I had the last bit of soup, so only the half bowl which they didn't charge me for, thanks Claire x 

Home, shower, shaved head, and rest. Joh then made the most delicious tea we've had in a while. Dead simple, fillet fish, boiled potatoes and peas, but very tasty. Thanks darling, love you quite a bit x

Then more chemo poison tablets, yum :)

I'm now writing this blog and put SPLASH on. Joh is really getting into it FFS! Seriously, this is major shite! 

Good night xx

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