Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day Forty Four - End of round 2

Took my last lot of chemo tablets today for the end of round two, hurrah! That's two thirds of the way through the treatment now. Felt ok enough today to go for a little mtb ride again. A reverse of the route I did on Wednesday really, with one of the hills taken out as I wasn't feeling up to it when I got there. However, I did a little detour towards the end of the ride which made up for the missing climb.

I stopped on the canal between Marple and Strines to take a picture. (I remembered to take my phone this time) Although it was cold and icy out, it was great to get out on the trails again, twice in one week! 

After that exertion  the only place for dinner is Polocini of course. Poached egg on toast today, with an americano and a slice of flapjack, lovely. 
Home, shower, rest. Chilled on the sofa listening to Guy Garvey off of Elbow on Radio 6 listen again from last Sunday, which was a good show. I'll be listening to that again. 
Katherine and Ian came round for tea tonight, we'd not seen them since missing their wedding because of the cock up at Christies with my first infusion, so it was nice to catch up. Joh did us proud again with her Paella, using better chorizo this time, none of that cheap stuff we had last time :) 
And so to bed. No chemo drugs to take tomorrow, which'll feel a little weird, but a big day on Monday. My last infusion at the Christie and another 21 days of chemo drugs to take. Nearly there. 

Good night xx

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