Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day Twenty Seven - Dog day afternoon

It's been a rough one today. Joh's back at work, Paige was at Jamie's and Isaac was having a lie in too. I got up at 10 to have some breakfast so I can have my chemo, Isaac was up a while later to take the dogs out. I stayed up till around one, just so I could have some chicken soup for lunch, then went back to bed feeling very groggy. I'm not off food, but the oily taste is off putting to say the least. I've spent the afternoon in bed just dozing. Perhaps all those miles last week have finally caught up with me. I feel like I've got a blockage in my sinus at the moment as well, so that's not helping. 

Definitely not on my bike so far this week. 

Still, after a shit day, some cracking news with regard to the funds raised for the Beechwood, boosted today by the eBay sale of the Team GB shirt kindly donated by Richard Thomas. This was eventually won by Martin Hickman and the monies have already been donated to the Beechwood. Big thanks to you both, and to everyone else who bid. 
I'd set myself a low target of only £100 when I first started fundraising, which on advice I bumped up to £500 to reflect the 500km I was attempting to do, now we're at over £605 at time of writing this. Once again, thanks to all that have donated over the last few months. 

I keep being told that I'm an inspiration. I don't feel like one to be honest. I'm just a middle aged bloke with a wife and two kids whose got cancer, and is just getting on with beating the shit out of it. Some days are better than others, and I'm having some rough ones this week, but I'm determined to beat this, with your constant support through twitter and Facebook. 

Thankyou one and all xx

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