Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day Fifty Five - How time flies

Tuesday - Got up, had meds, went back to bed. Got up at 12, 30 minute roller session, shower, lunch, walked dogs, knackered. Made tea, had meds, went to bed and slept like a log.

Wednesday - Got up, had meds, felt ok, drove to stockport, bought a DVD player, had a McDonald's, found DVD player wasn't region free, took it back to SK, came home and lay knackered on the sofa while watching batman 3. Went for a curry with Joh, lovely as usual in Indigo. Knackered again now.

This chemo fatigue is really weird how it gets you. One minute you feel almost fine, then next you've no energy to do even the most basic of tasks. So it pays to do stuff while you can, and rest when you can't. I don't bother fighting it, just do what my body is telling me. Best way. No plans, just stuff to do.

Good night xx

oops! Just realised typing this, I've not had my chemo this evening. Yum Yum, going to have them now.

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