Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day Forty Seven - Roll on

I was really dreading this day. The day after my last infusion. Last time, I felt really rough the whole week after the infusion, with lots of chemo fatigue, however, this time round, for today at least, I've felt ok. Bit tired this morning, but otherwise ok.
Had a chill morning catching up on some TV, spot of lunch, then a little walk with Ellie down to Polocini for coffee and cake and a walk back through the park. Nice to see Snowmole from the Wheelers there having a bit of Gilbert cake. Lovely day for it, although the paths were treacherous as I fell on my fat ass on the way down and cut my knee. That'll be interesting to see how quickly that heals up as I've a much reduced immune system at the moment.
Anyway, here's a picture of Ellie rooting around in the park

While in the coffee shop, I had a chat with Alan concerning his upcoming hill climb competition. This is on the 3rd of February and is just about as local as a hill climb can get to me here in Romiley. It's taking in Cowlishaw Brow just at the top of Romiley, before you drop down to Compstall. It's 0.8 of a mile long with an average gradient of 14%. I've done it a few times in the course of my riding history, but Strava has me riding it in 3 minutes and 55 seconds back in November 2011. That was part of a ride I did taking in all of the climbs up to the top of Werneth Low that day. 
Just getting up may be a struggle this time round, but I'm going to give it a go. As part of my training and in an attempt to get back into road cycling without risking life and limb on the icy roads at the mo', Richard kindly dropped off an excellent set of Taxc rollers this evening for me to train on. Thanks Richard. 
I had a quick go while he was here to check that everything was working ok, and nearly came off twice! It's going to take a bit of practise I reckon. 

Good night xx

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