Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day Thirty One - Just Drive

After a lovely breakfast in bed, god I love my wife :), we were up and about around 9 am, ish. Cleaning was on the agenda this morning. So, while Joh got stuck into cleaning the floors, I had a go at a corner of the kitchen. (every little helps)
I gave the cooker a good clean, while Joh blitzed the floor and sofa. Cracking job. Joh then went to the tip, spot of lunch, then it was over the Chinley to give Toby a bit of a break.

Well, more like give me a break from Toby. He's a Golden Retriever, and although he's got a great nature, he's a handful if he's not walked for at least an hour around midday, everyday. Which is fine normally, as I'd do it, or the kids or Joh. But everyone is back to school and work next week, except me, and I'm not up to walking dogs for an hour just yet. I'm struggling walking up stairs at the moment.

So Toby's gone back to his mums in Chinley for a little while. He loves it there, and he's well looked after. We get a break from him, and Ellie loves the peace and quiet for a while. That's Ellie on the right.

Which meant we were driving over roads that I'd normally be cycling. I've not been out properly over that area for a while, bike or otherwise, and it was nice to see the hills once again.
After that, I finally persuaded Joh to drop in on Mark and pick up my birthday/Xmas present, a gorgeous, barely used set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheels for my Cannondale. I've no tyres for them yet, on order, but I fitted them to the bike anyway :) It weighs around 15 lb now, which is pretty light in my book. Nice.

Chinese take away for tea, still no problems eating, all going down fine.
Countryfile on the the telly, glass of white, chemo tablets. Chilling.

Beechwood tomorrow for a foot rub, one to one and an afternoon nap.

Feel ok today, just a nagging mild headache, and a very feint feeling of sickness. I'm actually finding it harder to take the chemo lately, as I know the dose is building inside me, and is actualy making me feel sick.

Night all xx

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