Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day Forty Two - Closed

Just to prove to myself that no two days are the same, I had the energy to go cycling yesterday, whereas today I had just enough energy this morning to crawl back to bed after getting up for breakfast.
I was up early and downstairs catching up on 30 ROCK and FILM 2013, bowl of fruit & fibre, Greek yogurt and a couple of slices of fruit bread. By 8am I was dozing off again, feeling really tired. The chemo drugs are really flooding my system now. So back to bed for a few hours.

I had a plan for tea, and needed one ingredient to make it that bit special today. I drove over to Disley where there's a chap who bakes the most delicious cakes, bread and biscuits. But he's not open everyday. And he wasn't open today unfortunately. No bread for my meal tonight. Stopped at Polocini for lunch on the way back, finally they've changed the soup :) Lovely tomatoe soup on the menu now. Maybe that's a sign that I'm spending too much time there? :)

Home and walked the dog. Nice hard crisp ground for a change. I was getting sick of walking in the mud all the time.
Home again, chill for a while, then look up how to make Macaroni Cheese on the net. Simple enough, and we've got all the ingredients. Lets go! It eventually turned out pretty bloody nice, although I did use a full block of cheese to make it super cheesy. Did some simple chicken and bacon in tomatoes to accompany it, and the family all liked it. (don't worry, this isn't turning into a cookery blog)

Eldest brother Paul and Regina came by for a visit this evening, nice to see them and offer some training advice to Regina. Then an always nice phone call from Barry at work. Keeping me upto date on the happenings back in the real world. Always nice to get visitors. 

Off to bed now. I'll be up early to watch the Lance interview on Oprah. 

Good night xx

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