Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day Forty - Billy no mates

A slow start to the day as usual. Woke with everyone else at 6, breakfast in bed at 7:30, made by me, chemo tablets, then sleep again till 11. Took Ellie out for a walk and had a spot of lunch.
I then drove over to catch the 13:15 showing of JACK REACHER with Tom Cruise. I thought it'd be along the lines of a Mission Impossible kind of film, but it was more of a detective thriller. And it was quite good. Bit of a slow burner, but didn't drag at all. Of course, I went on my own :)

Home and get tea on for the horde. Spag bol tonight with some nice cheese.

Still feeling tired, even after the lie in this morning, there's a constant dull ache behind my eyes now, and I'm tired all the time. Not looking forward to my last chemo session on Monday, but we're nearly there now, so chin up and crack on.

Later  xx

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