Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day Forty Five - Django

No chemo drugs today, but it didn't feel any different to any of the previous 44 days. Still carrying this damned headache above my right ear, and still feeling as tired as ever. I feel this is only going to get worse over the course of the last session.
Which is starting tomorrow. A snowy drive over to the Christie, bloods tested then chemo. Should be getting going around 9 - 10 am at the latest.

Today I went to see Django Unchained with Rab from work. What a cracking film, highly recommend it. Had to have a word with the chap in front of me who insisted on playing with his mobile phone as soon as the film started. Just a quiet word in his ear was all it took and he put it away after that. Thanks.

Quiet evening in, watched a bit of telly and then an early night.

Night all xx

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