Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day Thirty Eight - Baby visitors

Slow start to the day today. Didn't get up till 11am after the usual breakfast in bed. Fatigue again. That's a constant feeling now. The chemo headache, out of breath going up stairs, highly elevated heart rate on my very easy cycle ride on Saturday. All signs my body is struggling more and more to process the poison chemo drugs going around. On the plus side, I've no issues eating whatsoever now. In fact, I've no symptoms of cancer either. If I wasn't taking the chemo poison right now, I'd be fine. Of course I realise that the poison is what is both clearing my tumour, and making me feel shit. Ironic.

Sarah, Ian and Eliza came to visit at dinnertime today. Great to see you lot xx After that, Joh and I walked down to Platform One in Romiley for a spot of lunch. Ordered the burger, but they were out so we had the chicken burger instead. Which was delicious. Home again and an afternoon of Transformers on the projector. Watched #1 then #2 while eating tea, which was Toad in the Hole. Nice.

Off to bed now, with Joh worrying about the snow. She hates driving in it. Hope it doesn't stick.

Night night xx

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