Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day Thirty Three - 33!

Think about the above title for a minute, that's 33 days of non-stop chemo, 2 x 10 hour infusions of the poison and tablet poison everyday. And still another, hang on while I work it out........................
31 days! 31 more days, that's including the last 10 hour infusion around the 19th January. Blimey, if there's anything left of this shitty tumour after that assault I'd be very surprised :)

Anyway, today, not too bad at all. Quite a busy day really.
Lowered my projector, as it was needing too much vertical correction in its current position, so it's now firing directly at the opposite wall.
straightened up the TV, as it was a tiny bit lopsided.
Took Ellie for a walk through the village and picked up my 2000AD.
Stopped by Polocini for lunch, the always delicious mushroom soup and a piece of heavenly flapjack, and a cup of tea (still off coffee)
Home and touched up the wall where I'd moved the projector.
Caught up with the washing during the day. I've dumped all the clean stuff on our bed, it's Joh's job to sort and fold it. Gotta give her something to do.
And relax, tired by then, so a film afternoon. Watched "woman in black" which was a little scary, and ok, then "martha marcy may marlene" which was surprisingly good.
Made spag boll for tea, tidied kitchen.
Ate tea with Isaac (Joh not home yet) had a nice chat.
and rest again, waiting 30 mins to take me pills.

Still got a nagging feeling in the back of my head, like a low level constant headache, and I'm back to dizzy spells if I stand up too quick or move too fast. Otherwise everything is hunkydorey.

Crack on xx

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