Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day Forty Eight - Burp, hiccup!

Look! That's me, cycling on a road bike again. In this weather :) 
Thanks to Richard who's lent me the excellent set of rollers for a while, I'm back on the road bike. Blimey, it's not easy being on those things either. I've done a turbo trainer in the past, and that is very easy in comparison as your back wheel is locked in place and you're supported no matter how you ride. With the rollers, it's all about the balance. One slip, and you're off, and I did slip the once. However, once you get going, it's all good. I did a short 30 minute session this morning, and that was enough. In all honesty, I couldn't keep my balance long enough to grab the water bottle on the window sill :) 
After that, and while I'm still on my steroids after the infusion, with the extra energy that gives you, and did part 1 of my six pack abs workout. Nice to have a bit of energy to do all that, we'll see how I feel on Thursday morning with no steroids to rely on. 

Joh was off today, so I did all my exercise while she did a bit of food shopping, then we went down to Polocini for lunch, which was as nice as usual. 
Home, chilling on the sofa for an afternoon doze, Joh went to the gym with Paige, then tea, watched the Green Zone with Matt Daaaammmmmoooooooon :) Not bad, but I wish Greengrass would invest in a bloody handycam! 

And so to bed, but not before mentioning the burps and hiccups. Over the last two days they have suddenly materialised for no apparent reason. It's like the old days before I even had a hernia. Don't know what's going on there, but Joh is going to ask Louise, the McMillan nurse, upper GI specialist what may be the cause of that, tomorrow. 

Good night xx

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