Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day two - tablets

Up until 22:30 tonight, my day was going fine. Still no effects from yesterday's 10 hour marathon infusion, felt fine in myself. So much so that I managed some hoovering (dysoning?) this morning, sorted the washing and went for a little flat bike ride through poynton and around woodford. I had a nice lunch of a pork pie and spaghetti cheese, and then my dad and step mum came to visit for a while.
Joh got home around 17:30 and made a lovely paella. That took me a while to eat but it was worth it. Half an hour later I took my second dose of chemo pills around 20:30.
By 22:30, while watching "we need to talk about Kevin" (good film) my chest started to hurt, like I had acute indigestion. And I also had a small feeling of sickness in my stomach.
This was a bit crap as I had to go get my son and his girlfriend from a party in Bredbury. No problems. Son and Kate duly collected its straight to bed for me with two anti-sickness pills inside me. Time to sleep it off hopefully.
Good night all.

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