Saturday, 15 December 2012

Day Nine - Happy 18th

This is Saturdays post, although I only got round to writing it on Sunday.

What a busy day it was. Apart from a little lightheadedness throughout the day, my symptoms were few and far between today. Which was nice. I did get tired early on while walking in Manchester, but a coffee stop at Nero's just by the Town Hall was all I needed to recharge the batteries and continue on our way.

So the day in full consisted of: Walking the dogs, stopping for coffee and soup at Polocini (have the meatball and tomatoe soup, it's gorgeous) a little cuddle with the missus (only the second one since chemo started) drive to Manchester, walk around numerous markets, eat mushroom and onions, bratwurst and a little beer, coffee at Nero's, cake from that delicious patisserie on Deansgate, then finally Paige's 18th birthday meal at Henry J Beans at the Printworks. phew!

I also took a bit of a gamble when I got home. When I have my chemo drugs, I've 5 tablets to swallow. 3 small and 2 large. I'm also able to take up to 6 anti sickness tablets during the day. So far I've been taking 2 anti sickness tablets. 1 with each of my courses of chemo. I think the anti sickness tablets are what make me dizzy, so when I got home last night I didn't take them, just the chemo. It's not a very scientific way of going about working out what does and doesn't work for me, but it was worth a try. I felt fine and have slept well all night. (I half expected to wake up puking my guts up)

I'll try again this morning, see how I get on.

Good morning xx

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