Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day Fourteen - physcopaths

Well that was a long day. Hence the lateness of this blog entry.
It started with getting woken at 05:30 by Toby wanting to go out. It was review day at the christie so I got up and had a quick shower, bit of toast and a coffee, and headed off into the dark wet morning to brave the rush hour traffic.
Which actually wasn't so bad. I got to Christies by 07:50 and then waited till 08:40 before my bloods were taken. At 09:35 I saw Doctor Mansoor's registrar who asked how I was? Feeling ok. Any side effects? Only what you've already read about in this blog, and to carry on as normal.
My next infusion is on Saturday 29th December. Meanwhile, keep taking the chemo tablets. Bloods and vitals are good.
Left there and did a little shopping on the way home. Had a spot of lunch and took the dogs out for a walk. Stopped at polocini for carrot cake and a coffee.
Cleaned up my summer road bike. Gave it a bit of a polish.
Made tea. Chicken in black bean sauce with noodles. It was very nice but I ate the noodles too quickly. They lodged in my gullet. Just a reminder I guess of what is going on down there.

And so to the evening. Took joh to her works Xmas party at county's ground in Stockport then went to the cinema to watch "7 physcopaths" which was rubbish.
I then went into work for the first time in 8 weeks. I must admit I was nervous about going in. I needn't have been as the welcome I got from everyone was amazing. I really do work with some very nice people. The messages of support were very uplifting. Thank you so much.
I didn't leave there till 00:15 and I was late picking joh back up. I also forgot to take my chemo so had it when I got in.

Phew! Like I said, a long day.

Good morning xx

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