Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day Nineteen - Merry Christmas (Day 2 of the Rapha 500)

Resting heart rate - 53 bpm
Body temperature - 36.3
Miles ridden - 23.7 miles (38km)

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone :) I do hope you've all had a great day with friends and family. 

Joh was up first this morning, prepping the food for the feast ahead. We all got up around 9:30 to open presents and drink fizzy wine. The presents were excellent, and we all got what we wanted. Thanks to everyone who gave us them. 
Time to ride. Richard kindly accompanied me this morning, for a brief out and back along Macc road. We rode together side by side, which is perfectly legal: see highway code rule 66 and we were both amazed and disappointed to hear the amount of people in cars beeping horns and shouting at us to ride single file. It would seem very few drivers are actually aware of the rules of the road these days, and are very selfish when it comes to sharing it with others. If you're one of those miserable, selfish twats, take a deep breath as you come upon the cyclists causing you untold delays, and by the time you've let that breath out, you'll have passed them and be on your way. 
Rant over. 
Time to start Christmas dinner. And what a dinner! Johanna has done me proud, with a spread fit for a family of four who are quite hungry :) Which we were, and it was good. 

I'm stuffed now. 

There was a time, before I started my chemo, that we discussed our plans for Christmas day. Cycling 23 miles wasn't on there, nor was eating a full Christmas dinner, in fact, the plan was that we had no plan. With the treatment so far, I've been able to eat a normal meal, and still have the energy for the cycling. 

All the best everyone xx

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