Saturday, 29 December 2012

Day Twenty Three - Chemo Infusion Part two

Heart Rate - 53
Temperature - 36
Miles ridden today - 0

Back to the Christie today for the start of the second (of three) courses of Chemo. No rest between courses. Finish one, start another, three in a row.
Bloods at 08:15, and as it's a Saturday, the Christie is understaffed and over worked, nothing new there then. Apparently there was 1 person to do the bloods of 75 people for treatment today. Great planning guys.
Anyway, as usual the nurses are excellent (well, except one, but I'll not comment on her here as it didn't affect me) and settled us down in a chair to start the treatment. A little later I was moved to a bed to continue my long day.
I started off feeling ok, had a little lunch, going regular to the toilet, usual stuff, then the headache started, and the feeling of lethargy set in. Joh was sat with me and was watching me go paler. I didn't feel well at all.
Anyway, it was a long day in bed with the drugs being pumped in.

While I was there, I met a work colleague who for now shall remain nameless at his request. He's got the same cancer as me, but only a T2 with no nodes. He's on his first course of chemo, and is still struggling to eat, just as I was at that time. I told him of my blog and how the chemo had reduced my tumour to the point I could eat normally, and that was good news for him to hear. Fight it mate, you'll be right.

Once we were done, we packed up, not having eaten much, and headed outside to the car. I was feeling ok walking back to the car until the cold air got to me I guess. I stopped, bent over double, and dry puked into the bushes near the carpark. Not nice. That's the first time I've puked in all of this. I held onto Joh and retched a bit more, then steadied myself, wiped my eyes and mouth, and we drove home.

I've had a little soup, water and a yogurt, and feel a bit better now. Lets see how I get on tonight and tomorrow.

Good night xx

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