Friday, 28 December 2012

Day twenty two - Day 5 of the Rapha 500

Resting heart rate - 57 bpm
Body temperature - 36.2
Miles ridden - 51.8 miles (83.3km)

Another day, another ride. Can the Wheelers do anymore for me over this challenge? I think not, the support from them and Polocini has been nothing short of tremendous. We started with 10 riders this morning, picking up Andrew to make it 11 in Alderley Edge. A change of route and a slightly longer route meant that it was going to be a challenge from the off. However, I needn't have worried, with Si and Scott taking point and keeping the pace reasonable, we breezed through the first 26 miles for a little pit stop in Congleton. 
Nice little shot from Si there :) 
After that, it was the climb out of Congleton that nearly killed me, and made me realise how tired my legs really were. Again though the lads came to my rescue and helped me along, shielding me from the wind and towing me along the final 24 miles back to the Coffee Shop. 

Tony tucking in. Watch your fingers Tony!

Rob, who's already completed the challenge, well done, and Richard who helped me out on Xmas day, with Jim in the background.

Home for a bath, where I found my hair coming out in clumps, so did the only thing you can do under the circumstances. SHAVE TIME!

And finally, after 5 days and 349 km, I treated the Ribble to a big wash in preparation for Sunday.

Big day at the Christie tomorrow, with another 10 hour infusion of chemo drugs, and a further 21 days of chemo tablets to bring home with me. At least the legs will get a rest.

Finally, I'd like to say a big thankyou to my darling wife Johanna. I couldn't have done this week without you. Coming home tired, cold and wet nearly everyday, finding my dinner on the table, all the jobs done and no stress from being out too late or too long, you're a bloody angel darling, and I love you dearly xx

See you out Sunday boys and girls xx

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