Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day Six - lie in

A slow start to the day today. Everyone out as usual for 7:30 so I got up for some breakfast. All I could manage was a small bowl of fruit & fibre, which is just enough to have my tablets on. After that I went back to bed till 10 am.
Had some crumpet when I got up after having a shower and shave. Felt human again. Not long after I had a fried egg butty.
Food is still going down well, and apart from actually preparing it, I've not lost my appetite yet.
Took Isaac over to John Lewis to get his new camera. Stopped in SK at the indoor paintball to pay for his rugby teams game this Sunday.
Came home and chilled on the sofa for a while. Isaac took Ellie out.

Made a nice stew for tea.
Paul & Regina came by for a visit. Always nice to have visitors.
And now time for bed. Still feeling tired and a bit lethargic.
I can afford a little down time though. If I counted up all the exercise I've done this year alone, having a week or so off it while my chemo kicks in isn't going to hurt.

Good night xx

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