Monday, 24 December 2012

Day eighteen - day one of the 500km challenge

Resting heart rate - 55 bpm
Body temperature - 36.3
Miles ridden - 48.6 (78.2km)

Today was the start of my challenge, to ride 500km (310mi) for the Rapha Festive 500. A number of friends from the Wheelers and Polocini have signed up to accompany me over the next 8 days to help me complete the challenge. 4 Wheelers turned up today, although one had to abandon before she started as she had trouble with her bike. So the 3 left, Rob, Scott and Pat, all headed for Alderley Edge and the flatest route I could think of to get the groundwork laid for the miles.
I did say I wouldn't ride in the rain. Bollocks, it was peeing it down and it didn't stop all the way round. We eventually arrived at the gates of Tatton Park, which were unfortunately locked. So we couldn't get in, worse were the 7 riders on the other side of the gate who couldn't get out! :)
We ended up going around, which all adds to the mileage, so no problem. By this time though I was getting tired and a little hungry. We stopped at a corner shop for a snickers bar, which did the trick and gave me the boost I needed to get to Wilmslow. Rob and Pat gave me a tow up this bit. Once into Wilmslow the guys took turns leading while I stayed at the back for the protection from the wind. Rob and Scott then peeled off at the A6 in the Grove, and Pat came with me down to Otterspool. He headed back to Glossop via Marple, and I went down Chadkirk and ended up walking up Burymewick. Getting tired by this time.
Once home, it was straight into the shower, lunch and rest. I ended up back in bed for most of the afternoon, not because it had wiped me out, but because I just needed the break I guess.
Up and about for tea, then off to the pub later with our lovely children. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I'll not be doing so many miles. Out about 11am for a 2 hour ride at the most.

Later xx

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