Monday, 10 December 2012

Day Four - Beechwood Cancer Care Centre

I've spoken about our family visits to Beechwood in past blog entries, and it's a very good place to go. I went there today to start an 8 week course of relaxation techniques and group help. This is a fantastic place, full of professional nurses and volunteers, all there to help people suffering primarily with cancer to relax and forget about their daily troubles.
The day started a little slow as the cold start had delayed some of the patients arriving, and some just didn't turn up at all. There were supposed to be 12 of us there today, but only 5 turned up. Eventually there were 6 as a lady on an introduction got roped in too :)
The morning was spent filling in some paperwork, and having a one to one with one of the McMillan nurses. We then had a break before sitting down to a lovely lunch. After that, it was onto the demonstrations of the available therapy provided by the centre.
Reiki, aromatherapy and reflexology. I've chosen reflexology for my next 7 sessions, which I'm looking forward to.
To be honest, I was that relaxed by the time we got to the demonstrations, that I kept nodding off, which was nice. That was it for the day, after a little chat from one of the nurses to close the day, we were off.

However, all was not well on the way home.

After a day spent relaxing, the drive home was the complete opposite. Can you guess why?

Of course, I got stuck behind a Volvo driver! Talk about Mr Erratic, he couldn't drive for shit, all over the road, speed from 20 - 40, in a 30, the usual Volvo traits.

And breath.

All in all a good day. On the medicine front, I'm eating a lot better all of a sudden, with none of my previous problems with food sticking in my gullet. I actually had a full portion of oven chips tonight, with peas and a baby's head. That went down no problems. Well chuffed. I feel tired, but not overly so.

Good night all xx


  1. Do you know if they are also doing stomach cancer treatment there?
    thanks.. more power to you and your family!

  2. What treatment do you mean Elinor? For treatment, the Beechwood isn't anything to do with surgical ways, it's more about the mind and body relaxing.