Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day Twelve - Another ride

Good evening blog readers, how you doin? All ready for Christmas? Just remember, Christmas is not about how big and expensive a present you can give or receive, it's all about the family and friends around you, and also about maintaining your health. The two things I can safely say about getting a life threatening illness like this are:
LOOK AFTER YOURSELF - everything in moderation
LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS - give them a ring, ask how they are, invite them round for a coffee.

Lecture over :)

And so to today's events. I spent the best part of this morning catching up on my mountain of ironing. I also did some of Joh's, but why the hell does women's clothing have to be so fussy? I can iron a t-shirt or pair of jeans easily, but when it comes to frilly blouses, they're a pain in the arse. So I left them.

After that session, it was out to meet Dave over in Poynton for a little bike ride:
Pretty tired after that, but good to get out again. Dave did most of the work on the front, and he's a great big bloke to shelter behind so it felt at times like I was on a turbo trainer, hardly did any work! Thanks Dave.

Home via Polocini, it's the law. Gorgeous chicken and mulligatawny soup and a cappuccino. Still not a test team member yet, but I'm saving hard, honest.

Home, shower, sort out my washing, and chill on the sofa while watching my boxset of Battlestar  Galactica, had a little doze.
Up at 6pm, fed the dogs, made tea for me, Joh and Paige (Isaac is out) chops, mash, peas and carrots. Did the pots. Bloody hell I'm domesticated!!!

Tired after all that, so another chill on the sofa, bit of surfing while listening to Radio 1, write this, bed.

Oh, nearly forgot: Felt ok today, not 100%, but ok. Think I may finally be losing my hair.

Good night xx

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