Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day Ten - Ride time

Seeing as though I didn't take my anti sickness last night, I thought I'd give it a go today as well. It seems to be working. I don't feel sick. I'm still having bouts of lightheadedness, which I guess is down to the chemo drugs, but otherwise everything else is ok.
I've not lost any hair yet, but the hair on my head, what little there is, feels kinda weird. Even after washing, it feels greasy and very fine. It's only a matter of time I guess and it'll be gone.

I felt well enough to go for a bike ride today too, and Jon Swindells kindly came out to look after me. We went with Alan from Polocini Coffee Shop. We've done the route before, and it's actually one of my old training routes, so I know the area well. There's not much climbing on it, but enough to keep you honest. Normally I could do the route at the pace we did today with my heart rate not going above 155 bpm, today on those little climbs it was up to 175 bpm. Quite a difference and shows what a strain my body is under at the moment.
Here's the ride on Strava:

While I'm on the subject of cycling, today I set up a page on the "just giving" site for donations. I've never been one for turning my pedal strokes into money through sponsorship or donations, but I feel all the fantastic people who have helped me through this journey deserve something back. All I can do is use my personal goals for their benefit.
To that end, my first goal is to complete the RAPHA 500. Basically, I'm riding 500km from Monday 24th - 30th December  Obviously one of those days is Xmas day, so I don't expect to get many miles in then, and I'm also at the Christie on the 27th having my next 10 hour infusion, so I'll not be doing any miles then either. So it's going to be tough to get the miles in that week. I just hope the weather holds out and stays mild. Stop praying for snow! :)
If you feel you can help out by joining me on a ride, or by donating a quid or more to the cause, please do so.
Finally, well done Bradley Wiggins! SPOTY WINNER

Good night xx

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