Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day three - steady as she goes

Quite a mundane and easy day today. I'll do this one in bullet points I think:

  • Woke around 4 am with a hot sweat, not unusual as I've been having them off and on for a few months now. 
  • Woke again around 6 am very thirsty, had some water. 
  • Joh kindly brought me up some porridge around 8 so I could have my first lot of chemo tablets in good time. I have to have them 12 hours apart and within 30 minutes of food. 
  • I'd pencilled in a ride with Jon for today, but I wasn't feeling 100% so cried off that (Thanks Jon :))
  • Went to the gym for an hour instead, 30 minutes on the stepper x trainer thing, and 30 minutes on the bike, with some ab work in between. Felt tired after that little workout. 
  • Made myself a lovely bacon, cheese and mushroom omelette, made sure the eggs were fully cooked. 
  • Tidied up, took Ellie for a walk along the canal and stopped at Polocini coffee shop for a flat white and a gorgeous piece of chocolate fudge cake. 
  • Joh met me there for her lunch as she'd been working this morning and done a little Xmas shopping in SK. 
  • Paige met us there as well, after finishing work at Hewitts coffee shop, we all bundled into Joh's car for the drive home. Ellie likes going for a drive. 
  • Isaac was at Rugby today, and won his match, scoring one of the tries himself. Awesome!
On the subject of Isaac, he posted a picture of me wearing a hat he'd bought for me on Facebook. For those of you that have seen it, you'll see it's had an amazing response from his friends. Isaac, you have some incredible friends around you as I do, together we'll beat this shit.
  • Joh and Paige went to the gym, while I waited for Isaac to come home from rugby. When he did, I took him to SK to meet up with some of his skating mates for a film he's working on. Check out his channel on YouTube, he's really getting quite good. 
  • I then went to McDonald's and got myself a double cheeseburger and a medium fries. I parked up in Offerton and ate the lot, nice. 
  • Back home, and fed the dog and cat, tidied up again, watched a bit of telly till Joh, Paige and Isaac all got in. 
  • Had a nice tea of macaroni cheese, sausage, bacon, tomatoes and garlic bread, lovely. 
  • Had my last tablets of the day and settled down to watch the remake of "the girl with the dragon tattoo" Wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, although from memory it was almost a carbon copy of the original, which was excellent. 
  • By this time, Joh and the kids were all in bed, and I'm down here typing this and watching Homeland. 
At this time, I just feel a little light headed, and a little bloated, possibly from all I've eaten today as I had a mince pie and custard for supper. However, and I hope you're not eating while reading this bit, my bowels are loosening today. That's understandable I guess, and part of the after effects of chemo drugs, so nothing to worry about, just be careful when passing wind :) 

I'm off to the Beechwood Centre tomorrow for a day of sharing and relaxation. Looking forward to that. 

Good night all xx

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