Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day Twenty Four - End of my Rapha challenge

Joh kindly made me a brew first thing this morning as I was lay in bed, I had a few swigs, felt fine, then without warning, had an overwhelming urge to be sick. Luckily, after last nights sickness outside the Christie, we had a bowl on hand for me to hurl into.
Nice start to the day.
I've spent pretty much most of the day either in bed or on the sofa, just feeling sorry for myself and being waited on by my wonderful private nurse Johanna. God how I love her x
Just before having some dinner, and after a little nap, I was sick again. Once that had settled, I tried a little poached egg on toast, and a Christmas bakewell tart, which so far has gone down ok.
I've had all my meds today and still feel pretty rough. The chemo has certainly knocked me for six this time, although I do remember feeling pretty rough after the first one, and slowly improving over the following week. Lets hope this week is the same.

I'm going to do a Rapha challenge special blog tomorrow and post it on their website, as even though I've not competed the challenge, I feel that the story of my battle against the cancer, and the way my club mates at the Wheelers, and the Polocini Test Team have stepped up to help me, is worth letting them know about.

Thanks to all who helped in my cycling marathon over the last week. I completed 216.8 miles from Monday - Friday, which left me short by only 96 miles. Not bad going considering the time of year, weather and my condition.
If you've been touched by this, or anything I've written, then please help me to reach (or maybe exceed) my goal of raising £500 for the Beechwood.

Thanks again xx

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