Monday, 17 December 2012

Day eleven - Beechwood

Day two of my eight week course at beechwood. Another day of relaxing and concentrating on me. We all lead such busy lives that we tend to forget how to stop and relax. Going to beechwood forces you to do just that. No tv, phones, radio or other media to distract you from the simple pleasure of relaxing.
I had my first reflexology session today as well. That was bloody lovely. Like a foot massage on steroids and very relaxing. Highly recommend that one.

The staff at beechwood are just incredible. They can't do enough for you. So, once again I'd like to remind you I've chosen beechwood as my charity for you lot to donate to. You can give as little as a quid or as much as you want by going here; and giving what you can.

I'm still off the sickness pills and the eating is going fine. Ate a meal as quick as joh & Paige this evening. No issues.

Good night xx

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