Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day Seven - settling in

Without boring you all with the minutiae of my day, I'll stick to the symptoms of my chemo from now on. Unless something of note crops up which may be relevance.

I woke feeling ok. I've still got a feeling of queasiness that won't shift. After my first tablets this morning I went back to bed again. Got up at 11 and did some running around. I felt ok by then, but still a little light headed.
Stopped by polocini coffee shop for lunch. Had the ploughman's pie, which once again went down no problem. I'm still taking my time eating though. I got a bit ahead of myself this evening though and was nearly back to square one.
I made a simple spag bol with pasta, and tried eating it at normal speed. Big mistake! Pasta stuck in the gullet is not nice. It eventually shifted without the need to help it back up, but it just reminded me that I'm not cured just yet.

Good night xx

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