Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Off to see the surgeon today at Stepping Hill who is going to perform my surgery. Bart Ducadt went through the results that he'd already told me about yesterday, the reduction in size of the tumour and the fact that he couldn't see any spread of the cancer anywhere else, then outlined the next step.
As I'd shown yesterday with that very over simplistic youtube video, I'll be getting my oesophagus cut out, a good portion of my stomach cut out, and the rest of my stomach joined up to the top of my gullet. I asked how long I would be on the operating table? "All day" Bart stated. Right then.

That's scheduled for the 22nd March at the MRI in Manchester. I'll be going in the day before for pre-meds and checkups. I'll be in hospital for around 2 weeks afterwards, so come visit me if you like :)

We're also not going to Belgium this weekend. With the work commitments of my fellow travellers, it meant travelling down on Saturday and coming home on Monday, only leaving Sunday to do all the cycling and museum viewing we want to do. So we'll go next weekend instead, hopefully travelling Friday and coming back Tuesday. Still looking forward to that.

After I'd been to hospital, Joh and I came home, got changed, and went out on Joh's first ride on her new bike. To say I'm surprised in how fit she's become down the gym would be an understatement. She was going as fast as me on the flats, and was going very well up the little climbs we tackled. Well done darling. She just needs the confidence to ride on the road proper now, and that will come with time and some practise.
Looking good on the bike. 

Later xx

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