Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day Sixty Five - 2 days to go

Bit of a lie in this morning, as you do on a Saturday morning. Got up to turn the tele on and had a major dizzy spell, fell back on the bed! Weird.
Spot of cereal for breakfast and chilled on the sofa for a while. Had a gentle walk down to Polocini to meet Chris who'd took some of my recent hill climb photos and printed them out for me. Unfortunately the colour correction was a bit out when I did the edit, and they all had a rather blue tint. Still, it adds to the wintry feel of the day I guess :) He's offered to fix them so I've sent him the original files to have a play with. Cheers Chris.

Home for lunch and then spent the afternoon on the sofa again. Just as a matter of interest, I took my resting pulse. 61bpm. That's sat on the sofa surfing and catching up on tv. 61! FFS! My normal resting hr is around 45 - 50 at the most. I can feel my heart working a lot harder these days just to pump all that poison around my body. God forbid how you'd cope if you weren't fit on chemo. That would be a nightmare I guess.

Made tea again. Gonna surprise the family with what I've done with the burgers :) Inspired by Man V Food, I've added a little something to them. Hope they like :)

Good night xx

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