Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day Sixty One - 6 days to go

Less than a week of chemo left to go. Awesome. Just about feeling ok from this lot now, although my fatigue is still bad. Still breathless at the top of the stairs, still sitting down to pee occasionally, still struggle to do the basics.
Last two days have been ok though. Didn't get up to much yesterday, but today I had lunch with Paige over at the Joshua Bradley on the road to Hyde. Very nice it was too. A JB burger always goes down well.

Spent this afternoon sorting out my DVD collection. I dug out all my region one DVD's that wouldn't play on my BlueRay player, and was going to replace my faves with BlueRays, but the cost would of been daft, so instead I just bought a multiregion DVD player for £40 to play them all, result.
So I watched the Bourne Identity this morning, and Atlantis this afternoon, both region one discs. Sorted. Anyway, after putting all my region one discs back on the shelf, I was knackered. I mean, really, I'm just lifting DVD's around FFS! How can that wear you out. But it did, so back to the sofa for a lie down after that.

Oh well, nearly there.

Finally, my left arm is bloody killing me. The main vein has swollen up and is really tender to the touch, to the point that I can't put my arm down anywhere at the mo'. Bit bloody annoying, but that's the only thing bothering me at the moment, so it's not too bad.

Good night xx

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