Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day Sixty Three - 4 days to go

Off to the Christie this dinnertime for a blood test and review. Simple enough. Dad took me as Joh had my car, and I'm glad he did. From waking up this morning it's been a struggle to do anything today. I've literally got no energy whatsoever. It was an effort to shower, make breakfast, eat it and then take my meds. After that, I just sat on the sofa waiting for Dad to turn up.

Christie was quite quick this time round, appointment was 12 for bloods, and I was seen at 12:05, but it didn't go so well. The very nice nurse struggled to find a vein in my right arm, so moved over to the left. It took two nurses to get blood out of that one. Ouch. And afterwards I felt very dizzy and had to stay in the bloods room for a while with elevated legs and a glass of water.
My Doctors appointment was at 1pm, and I was called in as soon as the clock struck 1, very good. Blood results were back already as well. Blood ok, but showing signs of liver problems, which is to be expected after the very heavy dose of chemo I've had over the last sixty three days. No more visits to the Christie now for 10 weeks, they'll see me next after my operation.


Thanks Dad, much appreciated today. Spot of lunch, then lay on the sofa all afternoon, just getting up occasionally to pee. Got to stay hydrated. All I'm drinking now is lemon juice.

Closing in on tea time, and I'd got chops out. Plan was to do mash, carrots and peas, but CBA, so it was chips and peas instead. Even that's been a struggle to do this evening. Made me feel a bit sick cooking tonight.

Oh well, nearly done, and hopefully things will start to improve next week.

Good night xx

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