Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pre - Belgium update

It's been a while since I've posted any sort of update, so while I've got some time on my hands, I thought I'd let you all know how I'm getting on.
As you know, Allen from Polocini Coffee shop is taking me to Belgium to ride the cobbles. We were supposed to be going last weekend, but due to work commitments of some of the group, it meant we'd only really have one full day there. So it was decided we'd go this weekend instead.
We're driving down to Dover at dinnertime on Friday, then ferry to Dunkirk, staying overnight there then driving to Nokere, south of Gent, where we're staying Saturday and Sunday. We'll be returning on Monday afternoon after visiting the beer market for the drive home.
Can't wait. Just got to pack now.

Health wise the last couple of weeks have been all about getting out as much as possible on the bike. Building up from little rides to longer rides. I've also been to the gym to start some work on my upper body. I've never really been keen on the gym, but circuit training is hard work and structured enough to give you a good workout for an hour. The fact that I'm still aching all over from doing that on Monday is testament to how hard it can be. If the weathers ok though, I still prefer the bike.
My heart rate has improved over the last few weeks as well. I was going out on little flat rides, dead slow pace, no hills, and seeing stupid heart rates like 177 bpm! That's the sort of rate if I was sprinting up hills, not bumbling along on the flat. However, that's improving with every ride, and I'm finally able to climb the odd hill again, which is nice.
Once again, the support from riding buddies has been terrific. I'm posting rides on Twitter, and they'll be at least two or more people replying that they're coming along. No matter how slow I go, there's always been someone to help me along or tow me back to the group. Thanks again everyone.

With only 13 days left to my operation on the 22nd (actually going into the MRI on the 21st) that doesn't leave me much time to get the last of my rides in, but I'll give it a go. We should get some good rides in this weekend on the Sat & Sun, then back on the bike on Tuesday onwards for the rest of the week.

I'll leave you with a picture John took of me up Eccles Pike the other day. It was my first proper hilly ride for a while, and I really wanted to go further towards Combs, but just didn't have the strength for it on the day, maybe next time.

I'll take another picture next time I'm up there after the operation, and see how much thinner I look with no stomach :) 

Take care xx

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