Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day Sixty Two - 5 days to go

What a busy day, I'll sleep well tonight.
Joh had a course to attend in Croydon today, so an early train meant dropping her at the station for 6am. But first dropping her car off at Ricks for an MOT and suspension repair. Then home and back to bed for a few hours.
Up at 9 for breakfast, meds and a shower. Dropped Isaac off at college, back to Ricks to drop Joh's keys off, then on to Stockport for some fat clothes. Primark, home of the XL comfort wear. Chinos, Jeans, 2 hoodies and tracky bottoms, bosh bosh all done. HMV for a peruse, nothing in, and finally WHSMITH for Cyclist and Rouleur magazines, and left my bank card in the machine. Chemo brain!

I then went to the car wash at the bottom of Romiley, and watched in wonder as 6 lads blitzed my car in about 15 mins, inside and out, clean as a whistle, thanks chaps.

On to Polocini for lunch. Lovely quiche, and the only coffee I can drink at the moment. It was at this point I realised I didn't have my card on me! Quick phone call to WHSMITH and they had it, phew! Told them to destroy it, and phoned the bank for a replacement. Sorted.

Home. Finally. Knackered.

So I spent the afternoon on the sofa editing my photos from the hill climb on sunday, here's a small example:

I do love a bit of saturated colour on black and white. 

Now just waiting for Joh to come home safe. Love you darling xx

Good night xx

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