Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Two days post chemo - How do you feel?

So the chemo is over, and you've not taken any pills for two days. How you feelin'?

Not too bad actually, thanks for asking.

Any DT like side effects? 


Any immediately obvious positive effects?

Why yes, a little bit more energy each day, less dizzy spells, more get up and go, NO FATIGUE!, a diminishing sense of sickness, a return of a sense of proper taste and more concentration.

Anything more to add? 

Just to let you know I had my CT SCAN today, which should give some indication of how the tumour has shrunk during the chemo. I'll not know the result of the scan for a few weeks, but in my mind I know it's shrunk, so this is just to confirm it and see by how much.

Sounds like you're doing ok then. Been up to anything else today? 

Only the usual visit to Polocini for lunch after my scan. Quiche as always was delicious, as was the abuse from Clar(i)e :) Gave Al a life to assemble his new cabinet, and wished him happy birthday. (No way is he 34!)

Great stuff, sounds like you've had a good day? 

Well, yes, I guess I have. After the past 2 - 3 weeks of shit days, it's nice to finally have a good one or two in the bag. No reason why the next few weeks can't be like that, up to the point where I have my oesophagus ripped out by the surgeon at least :)

You're such an inspiration Chris, I am in awe of your ability to make light of your plight. I'm sure others would handle the whole situation so differently.

Well, what else is there to do but get on with it, beat the shit out of this cancer crap and move on.
Oh, and eat cake, obviously. Which Johanna kindly made a monster cake tonight. Awesome! Thanks darling xx

Enough said, good night xx

Hey, that's my line!

Good night xx

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