Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day Fifty Nine - 9 days to go

Today was the Polocini hill climb. I so wanted to be fit enough to do this, even if I crawled up and came dead set last, but alas, it was not to be. I'm still struggling getting up the stairs, and haven't been on the rollers since Thursday due to be so knackered. Instead, I figured I'd do a little filming and take some photos of the event, make a little film maybe? Bollocks, non of that, it took all my energy this morning to drive to the top of Werneth Low, park up and walk a quarter mile down the hill to a good spot and take some photos:

There are a few more of the riders here: Polocini hill climb on Flickr

The photo taking went well, but by the last few riders, I was honestly struggling. All was ok though as the last rider went by, and the photos were in the bag :) However, I'd underestimated how far down the hill I'd come. Bugger! That's quite a way back to the car. Oh well, nothing for it but to press on and get back. Phew! That was hard work, and I was glad of the rest stops saying hello to Richard, Alan and Chris on the way back. I figured the coffee shop would be rammed by now, and being light of head and knackered, I went straight back home. Good call.
Joh dragged me out later for lunch down to Polocini, which was as excellent as usual, and a bit quieter. Seems they'd been a little busy earlier :)

And so to home. And rest. Just a little drive later to pick up Isaac's girlfriend, and a lovely lamb chop tea, and meds and rest, again.

I do think these last few days of chemo may well turn out to be the hardest few days of my treatment so far. I don't seem to be getting used to the meds as before, I suppose I'm pretty much full of chemo with no way for my system to get used to it anymore. Oh well, nearly there.

Good night xx

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