Friday, 15 February 2013

4 days post chemo - feeling better by the minute

Yesterday was a good one. Actually got the energy to do stuff again, which is nice. Being Valentines day we started with the mutual sharing of cards, and Joh was off to work. I'd nothing planned in the morning so had the thought that I felt well enough to do a session on the rollers again. However, the weather outside was actually quite nice around these parts, so it was that I found myself kitting up for a little bicycle ride on the mean streets of SK6 & SK7 instead. Nice little route through the back of Hazel Grove, through the village centre and down to the river:
The above was taken down the back of Otterspool, with the very swollen river on the left. It makes a nice quiet detour rather than coming down Dan Bank. 
Home, shower, chill on the sofa for the afternoon and watched Looper on pay per view Virgin. Quite a good film, second half was easily better than the first. 
Joh home and we had a table booked at the Indigo in Romiley along with Isaac and Kate for tea. Nice. 
Food was delicious as usual. Home, bed, knackered. 
Today, lazy morning, Polocini for lunch, (lovely pastrami and cheese on toast, it works) Beechwood for Johanna, Ikea (shudder!) home and maybe a drink in Romiley later, not sure yet. 

Hopefully out for another ride tomorrow, and if this weather holds, I'll use my summer bike! :) 

Have a good evening xx


  1. Hi Chris...I don't know why I haven't found your blog before...I wish you well with recovery...I had a cancer diagnosis three years ago and things have gone really well. I wish you the same level of recovery...

  2. Cheers Trevor, did you have the same Cancer? Stomach/Oesophagus?

  3. No..I had aggressive prostate cancer which had spread into lymph system....I have joined your blog as a follower and will add your blog to my blog list at my own blog...

    1. Thanks Trevor. Good luck for the future.