Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day Sixty Six - 1 day to go

One more day of chemo. Thought I'd never get here to be honest, it's been a long haul. But, here we are now. Just tomorrows meds to take and I'm done.

Joh has already sorted out my first CT scan on the Wednesday 13th, so I should know pretty soon how the chemo has gone. I've got a provisional date of 22nd March for my surgery. That should give me some time to get back to a reasonable level of fitness as the chemo starts to work itself out of my system.

As it is now, I'm still fatigued. Usual no energy, tired all the time.

I did a few jobs around the house today, tidied the front patio, vacced through downstairs, but that wore me out so sofa bound the rest of the day. Bugger.

Anyway, nearly there.

Good night xx

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