Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The laparoscopy yesterday has found a quite different picture to the EUS and CT SCAN.
Dr. Decadt has stated that in his opinion the tumour is in the lower oesophageous and upper stomach. There is no spread to any other organs in the area, particularly the liver, pancreas, heart or lungs. He also reckons its a T3, not a T4 in size, which is operable. He's recommended chemo for 3 months, then if that works to reduce the tumour still further, surgery to remove it.
The MDT team are meeting on Friday where Dr. Decadt will put forward his recommendation.
Good news.

Home now. Spreading the news, and resting. Stomach is sore, but I'm sure I've more of that to come.
Had some great news on my road bike, which has doubly cheered me up today. Pity it hurts to laugh :)


  1. ok chris.i was on leave last 2 weeks barney daniels as just inform me of your plight.listen chris i hope you make a full and healthy recovery from this and i hope to see you back in work fit and healthy very soon.kind regards from paul roberts and harry roberts.keep your spirits up as best you can as im sure this is a better cure than most medicines.i will follow your progress from your blogs.god bless yourself and your good family.see you soon chris from robbo and family..

  2. Chris, just picked up this blog from the SMACS forum and read it through to here, so brave to be tackling it straight on and writing about it publicly at the same time, glad it looks better than originally thought, and good luck with your treatment.


  3. This is good Chris ! Good luck mate - and keep the blog going !!