Friday, 26 October 2012

Decision day

Doctor Ducadt and others will be meeting at the MRI to discuss my next treatment this morning. Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide what exercise to do today. Gym? Bike? Run? Probably all 3 in the gym. After yesterday's performance on my Mtb, I've noticed a definite drop in fitness since my road bike went into the shop.

Gym it was. 30 min cycle, 30 min run and 20 min weights with stomach crunches in between.

Aileen, the specialist nurse from the MRI called at 10:30 with the results of the MDT meeting. This is where everyone involved in my case decides on the next course of action. It's been confirmed that my cancer is T3N1MO, which is apparently good. I was cleaning my Mtb when they called so joh had a chat.They've decided on a few more tests first. PET scan, EUS endoscopy and a laparoscopy. After all that I'll start on chemo to reduce the size of the tumour then eventually surgery to cut the bastard out.
Good news. The battle begins.

Out for dinner today at Osteria Mauro with my bezzy mate Dai Jones. I've been told I've to fatten myself up in preparation for the chemo, so it was carbonara to start:
Followed by sticky toffee pudding and cream, washed down with a nice Peroni. 
Thanks Super :) Owe you a fiver. 

Back home, walk the dogs, wash Toby as he rolled in cow shit (well Joh washed him, I just hosed him down :))
Off to see SKYFALL tonight. 
Monday will see me starving for 8 hours prior to my EUS ENDOSCOPY at the MRI, then Tuesday is the LAPEROSCOPY at Stepping Hill, with the PAT test hopefully by the end of the week. Busy times ahead. 
Thanks for all the messages of support via Twitter and Facebook, email and text, very much appreciated. 

See you all Monday. 

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