Thursday, 1 November 2012

Had some pretty amazingly good news today. Nothing to do with my health mind, this is bike related. much more important :)
Back at the beginning of October, I put my road bike into my LBS for a new stem and handlebar to be fitted after I'd had a bike fitting there. There was also a new chainset to put on. While they were sorting all that out, they discovered 2 cracks in the frame, bummer! I took the bike back to Evans in Manchester and they sent it to Cannondale UK to assess the cracks and see if they'd replace the frame under warranty. I got a call back a couple of weeks later from Evans saying that they would indeed replace the frame, under warranty and FOC, but for an extra £250, I could have the HI-MOD version of the frame, which is essentially the pro bike. I wasn't bothered about getting the top of the range, just that I'd be in possession of a road bike again, god I missed it, so waited until they called to say the bike was in. 
So yesterday, not only did I get the good news that my cancer was smaller and less mobile than at first thought, I also got a call from Evans saying my bike was in and ready for collection, Double bastard good!

Joh went to collect it today, and to both the shops and my surprise, Cannondale had gone and sent the HI-MOD version of the bike FOC. I couldn't believe it. That really cheered me up after the shitty week I've had. 
We dropped it off at Freeride in Disley later today for the new longer stem and wider bar to go on, new chain and chainset and new bar tape. She'll be ready to ride by weekend, which is a pity cause I won't. I'm still sporting a sore stomach from my operation on Tuesday, which makes me look like I've been in a drive by shooting :) 
Hopefully I'll get a little potter out on the bike next week, before the chemo starts. 

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  1. ......Or you could trust me to try it out for you ;)