Thursday, 25 October 2012

Not me.

Today started early. Around 03:30 this morning when joh and I woke up. We dozed, had a brew, a little adult cuddle, another brew and some toast and finally another brew and got up.
Joh went to see her dad, I went for a mountain bike ride. I had a route in mind, but ended up going further and climbing more hills. It's been a bit of a dull day, weather wise and indoors, although the views were still nice on the tops.
Got home and went through the usual process after a ride. Had a lovely dinner of spaghetti cheese, very filling.
Bit of a doze this afternoon. Both of us chillin on the sofa with the radio on. Watched rick stein in Asia and decided to go for a curry tonight.
Woke up after the doze and it took a minute to remember I had cancer. Still nowhere near sunk in yet.

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