Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Had a nice walk with the dogs this morning. Stopped by the barbers for a haircut, which might of been a waste of money if I start chemotherapy soon.
Nil by mouth from 8am, so had a big breakfast of 2 toast with peanut butter and jam and 2 portions of Quaker oats with extra syrup and yoghurt. Yum.

Got a lovely email from Dave at work and then a call off Barry. Great to hear from you both and everyone's good wishes from work.

On the way to hospital we stopped off to get some new slippers. Nice moccasins.

More than anything in this journey, it's the waiting that's the worse. It'd be ideal if they could say;
Cancer-diagnoses-treatment-cured, in a week, two at most. However, from discovery of the tumour, I've waited for the ct scan then the first meeting to discuss my case then the EUS then the laparoscopy and now sat waiting to go for that. I'm not complaining about the speed of the NHS, because they've been nothing short of amazing in all this, just how long things take to happen. Talking of which, at 18:30 I finally went down for surgery.

Considering I was on the emergency list, I was lucky to get in so quickly.
If you've never had general anaesthetic before, it's a strange sensation. They put a cannula in your hand, a small dose of something to relax you, then the main anaesthetic. I watched the second hand clicking by as I drifted off and only remember 2-3 clicks.
I woke in recovery. My stomach felt like the alien had just burst out of it, done an Irish jig and stomped off! The nurses gave me some pain meds. The alien didn't come back.
Within a short time I was transferred back to the ward where I got as comfy as possible and tried to sleep.
Tomorrow we will have the results

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