Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Driving again

Relief. I'm finally back behind the wheel of my own car, although it has developed a leak and I'm having to wear my wellies inside the car :(
Nothing to report on the battlefront today. Results of last nights scan wont be with us until Wednesday or maybe even Thursday, so no point worrying about that for now. Chance to have a semi normal day.
Spot of shopping to start. Popped into stockport with the intention of buying Halo4, but ended up with 5 blue ray discs for £30. Bargain.
Four Lions
In Bruges
Then off to Cheadle bikes for a copy of Rouleur, the worlds greatest cycle racing reportage magazine.
Finally to Mud Crab Cafe and Diner in Didsbury.
Where I faced this:
The excessive amount of sauce and mustard was my attempt to enable me to eat it without it getting stuck in my gullet. It didn't work. It's times like this that are really frustrating. Here's what happens: I'll take a few chips, coat them in sauce and mustard, chew, chew a bit more, then swallow. All seems fine, so I'll do the same again, take a small drink, then a few more. At this point, my gullet is full, and nothing is dropping into my stomach, so even drinking something to help it go down, makes it worse. All I can do is stop eating and start hoping that the food will eventually pass into my stomach. In today's case, it didn't. The only way I can then eat again is to empty my gullet of the food that is stuck there. So it's off to the toilet, close the door, fingers tickling the back of my throat, tears in my eyes, sick the contents of my gullet down the toilet, rinse and wash and back to the table to start again. 
This time I avoided the chips. The burger was bloody gorgeous! I started a lot slower this time. (Joh told me later that the waitress had come by while I was in the toilet asking if everything was ok?) 
After I'd finished the burger, and not had another chip, I ordered the cheesecake. Funnily enough, that went down no problem. The McMillan nurse did say to get fatter on puddings :) 
I'd highly recommend that diner, we'll be going back for sure. 
After that, we went off to the cheese hamlet in Didsbury, for a spot of Wenslydale Blue and STRONG CHEDDAR. 
Then to Freeride in Disley to collect my mtb, which has had a service and geometry fitting. 
Home and relax. Spot of cheese, radio on, reading Rouleur, coffee. 
Driving Isaac to rugby training later then an early night I think. 
It's been a long day today, or at least it feels like it. I think yesterdays ride and PET scan took it out of me. Felt tired all day today. It's taking me longer to recover from exercise, that's for sure. I am getting older though, 45 on the 21st! 

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