Saturday, 22 June 2013

The End?

It's been over three and a half weeks since I've last blogged, and Johanna is saying that people are asking how I am and what I've been up to. So I thought I'd better get you all up to date with my life so far.

As you know, after my second infusion at the Christie I was quite sick. It took a while for the meds to settle, but we eventually managed to find some anti-sickness tablets that actually worked. During that time, I didn't really get up to much, barely did any cycling or walking, and lost yet more weight. I'm down to 189lbs at the moment. That's low for me.

We managed to go to the Beechwood Ball last weekend, which was a great evening. I'm a little wary of eating out due to not being able to eat all of what's put in front of you, but the table we were on had a great group of people and I wasn't embarrassed by leaving bits of everything. The evening itself was great, but by 10pm my stomach was hurting and I'd had enough. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to socialising at the moment. I'm sure that'll get better in the future.

Like I said though, I've not had the energy or inclination to get out on the bike much lately due to the chemo coming on really strong, and on top of that, towards the end of my last tablets I had an allergic reaction. This made my lips swell up and that then started to spread to my mouth. I phoned the Christie Hotline, and they said call an ambulance and get to a&e straight away. I didn't think it was that bad, but Joh came home from work and took me into hospital just to be on the safe side. We spent a few hours in the resuscitation department at Stepping Hill and was eventually released. I was told to stop taking the final few days of my tablets too, which was nice. My lips soon cleared up, but it left a question mark over whether I'd be able to continue my final infusion and tablets.

I was back at the Christie for my final infusion on Monday 17th June, and there was some discussion over whether or not to proceed with the final course. The registrar made the decision to give me the infusion, but then keep me in for observation over the next 24 hours. So that's what I did. I stayed in the Christie overnight on the monday, and as I'd had no reaction to the tablets, was allowed home on the Tuesday evening. Of course, sods law meant that not long after my lips swelled up! Back onto the hotline and I've now been told to stop taking the tablets all-together. I'm not to take any more chemo until my lips have settled, and even then, I may not have to finish the course if this keeps happening.

I can't describe how good it is to hear that I don't have to take anymore chemo. However, before I get too excited and think this is the end, I've got to bear in mind that Dr. Mansoor may well say continue with the treatment, at our next review. I really hope he doesn't because I seem to be having the same reaction everytime. Maybe they'll have to change the tablets or something? Or hopefully they'll say I've had enough and my body has done all it can to fight.

The annoying thing about the whole tablet situation is that I'm cancer free now, it's all gone, cut out along with my stomach, oesophagus and lymph nodes, but I was still taking chemo to mop up any last remains.

I just hope that it has all gone and I can now look forward to my proper recovery. I've a lot of work to do to get fit for work and back into life again.

Finally, in case you missed my twitter or facebook updates on Friday 21st June, I was invited by Richard Thomas to join him on a ride with Sir Chris Hoy. He'd won a competition via Evans Cycle Stores to ride with Sir Chris and was able to take a.n.other along as well. Big thanks once again for taking me Richard. I really did get dragged out of bed by Johanna to get ready on time. The day before I'd spent most of the day in bed I was so tired. The ride itself was only 12 miles long, but it near wiped me out! It was worth every pedal stroke though as I doubt I'll get to ride with Chris again. I even got him to sign my Wheelers top afterwards :)

See you all soon xxx


  1. Great news that you are clear.

  2. Hi! I just got reading through a few of your posts and I had a quick question about your blog. I am involved in the cancer community and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! - emilywalsh688(at)

    PS. Congrats on being cancer-free!