Friday, 5 April 2013

Pain baby yeah!

I was transferred onto ward 11 on Monday, where I settled in quite quickly and just waited around for the last healing processes to take effect so could go home. My breathing still wasn't right though and the doctors decided to keep me under observation in the hope it would improve on its own.
It didn't.
By Wednesday night I was no better and actually getting worse. I was originally told I'd be released on Thursday but ended up on more medication to sort my chest out.
Unfortunately, taking the meds meant having a new canula fitted.
My veins in my arms have taken a beating over the last 6 months and there's not much left of them, so finding one to inject drugs into is getting very hard.
I lost count of how many nurses tried to fit one on Thursday. Eventually a doctor managed to get a slow line in, but it wasn't to last. By 5pm it was clear that nothing was going down the line and the much needed antibiotics were not being delivered.
On top of that, my scar on my back had become enflamed and extremely painful.
So now I needed two lots of antibiotics and no canula to feed them into me. I was in pain, uncomfortable and getting a little pissed off with the pace the ward was going to solve this problem.
At changeover from lates to nights, I presumed the later would have sorted something out, not quite.
We were now waiting for a nurse to come on shift who can canula the hardest cases, and also a visit was requested by the senior house officer about my back scar.
The nurse duly arrived on shift and had a good fast working canula in straight away. The house officer never showed.

I've spent the night semi-propped up in bed getting on top of the antibiotics to clear up my chest infection, which is working, but I've had no medication for my scar all night and between my normal pain meds it's been burning like hell.
Hopefully today something will be done about that, while I'm still improving on the chest front.

Don't think I'm coming home today :(

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